iCloud Check shows if the iCloud Activation Lock can be Unlocked or needs IMEI/SN replacement.


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15 min - 1 hour

NB: This is NOT unlocking service.

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13 thoughts on “Checkout”

    1. All iClouds can be unlocked one way or another, you just need to use the correct unlock methods and with this service you can do it.

  1. Longo Mithiang Achuil

    Made the check and found out that my phone was very easy opened by replacing the logic board which changed the IMEI code. (I purchased the new logic board from eBay).

    1. No, it is checking service not unlock service. You need the code to check if your iCloud can be unlocked or not? Codes starting with SYS7.. can be unlocked and codes starting with SYS8… can’t be unlocked and for these devices, you need to replace the locked logic board with new one so then you can start using your iPhone or iPad without iCloud.


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