Verizon iphone unlock service

Check Verizon Lock Status

Check Verizon lock status. It will show if the Lock can be removed.

Verizon iphone unlock service
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How to Find IMEI / SN?


You can see the sign saying "i" on the right-bottom screen corner. Click here, to find your IMEI number, same as on the image below.


For IMEI, you need remove sim card tray from device, and then you can find IMEI on it. (not on all models you can find IMEI via sim tray)

Find imei code

Check the iPhone / iPad Verizon lock Status

Use to check Apple devices locked with Verizon.

Fast Checking

We offer fast checking service. Average Delivery Time: 46 Minutes.

All Models

We support all Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, iWatch, iPods.

24/7 Availability

Our checking service is always working. You can check your device anytime.

Our paid checkers offers a variety of IMEI Check Services providing all the information about your device, fast and accessible!
With iCloud Status check you can get information if that iCloud lock is possible to unlock or not.